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Logistics, installation, technical support - entrust it to our professionals and enjoy the holiday!


All teams have Schengen visas. It gives an advantage for prompt travel abroad.

Wide choice of musicians , for different concepts

Male and female vocals. Composition of groups from 3 to 8 people on stage. Diverse repertoire.


Ivan Dalmatov

Ivan Dalmatov, semi-finalist of the show "Voice-4", finalist of the show Artist. In addition to outstanding creativity and vocals, Ivan's hallmark skill is excellent interaction with the audience. And no matter how many guests at the event - 20 people or 3,000, we guarantee rave reviews.

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Alexander Ogorodnikov

A participant in the Voice show, at blind auditions all the judges turned to him: Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Pelageya, Dima Bilan. You can "press the red button" too by selecting the Gymnastics group for your event and get an incendiary performance!


Kristina Svetlichnaya - participant in the Voice show. Finalist of the national qualifying round for Eurovision. The winner of the first "New Wave" and subsequently the host of the show for 7 years. Participated in the musical part of the closing ceremony of the 2nd European Games 2019 under the direction of Igor Krutoy.
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If you don't have an organizer, we can help coordinate the event or recommend the best partners.

You will have a project manager who will take care of the organizational issues listed above, and you will enjoy the holiday.

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Our manager will contact you


We discuss the fee and repertoire


We conclude an agreement


Meet at the event

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Vyacheslav Makarov

Russian singer, musician, theater actor, TV presenter. Champion of the highest league of KVN in the team "Kamyzyaki" (Channel One). Participant of the sketch show "Once Upon a Time in Russia" (TnT). Finalist and expert of the show "Come on, all together" (Russia1). Host of the musical TV show "Mask" (NTV)



One of the most famous showmen in Moscow. Host with a unique sense of humor, member of the Killer League and Comedy Club. Roman's style of conducting is bright improvisation and countless jokes in the program, to which the audience always reacts with great dedication.

Андрей Меламед

Andrey Melamed

Conducting events in three foreign languages: English, Italian, Spanish and native Russian. Included in the TOP-20 best presenters in Moscow according to event agencies. Host of the author's show "Smart Travel" on the radio station "Megapolis FM 89.5".

Leonid Margolin

In the professional arsenal, work as a presenter on television, radio and in large media projects. Proficiency in English. Great sense of humor and interactivity, constant improvisation and involvement of guests in what is happening.

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